multi-screen LCD video wall display system

2018-09-15 12:45 NEWS

 LCD video wall screen is composed of DID LCD video screen, graphics splicing processor, graphics splicing video matrix, large screen communication repeater, large screen power supply, assembler splicing system software, packet splicing system, operation host splicing screen special bracket, splicing special Equipment such as cables. With the continuous upgrading of display technologies, LCD splicing screens have become more and more widely used in various fields and are increasingly favored by people. The prospect of the splicing industry is promising by the industry.
LCD splicing screen
Because DID LCD splicing screens can be arbitrarily combined: both large-screen splicing and small-screen splicing can be used; single-screen display can be used, and splicing can also be performed on the entire screen. According to the application requirements and system scale proposed by the customer on the LCD splicing screen system, according to the actual application environment, choose the right splicing method and the best product, design a personalized solution to meet the needs of customers.
In various fields, with the rapid development of science and technology, the human economic level continues to increase, while the splicing video wall screen industry is under tremendous pressure. Traditional display devices can no longer meet the status now, visual effects directly to the human visual system bring great harm. Nowadays, the world has begun to take actions to rectify light pollution, and the corresponding lcd video splicing screen display technology has also begun to upgrade. How to develop the splicing screen in the future, Prosperity Technology believes that it should start from the technical aspects.
In recent years, with the increasingly sophisticated multi screen splicing screen technology, its application range is still expanding.
In the strong market opportunities, the LCD splicing screen market is ushered in another wave of development. At present, in the LCD splicing screen market, Samsung splicing screens, LG splicing screens, AUO splicing screens, Sharp splicing, and BENSHI splicing screens are all part of the development of the industry.
multi-screen display system
In the face of business opportunities, these liquid crystal splicing screen brands accelerate the research and development of liquid crystal splicing technology. They are in charge of product manufacturing processes, quality and service, and strive to improve. At the same time, it actively promoted its own brand image and expanded its market influence. In terms of product sales channels, we also keep up with the trend and take the “online+offline” sales model to broaden the customer base. Through its own level of improvement, contribute to the overall development of the industry as a force. In the future, I believe that with LCD splicing screen to achieve large and small variable large-screen features: single-screen split display, single-screen separate display, any combination of display, full-screen LCD splicing, dual splicing LCD screen splicing, vertical screen display, The image frame can be optionally compensated or covered. It supports digital signal roaming, zoom stretching, multi-screen display, picture-in-picture, 3D playback, setting and operation of various display scenarios, and full HD signal processing in real time. Multi-domain services.