Digital signage market research

2018-05-10 09:09 NEWS

 When conducting digital signage market research, the choice of research methods is very important. Different research methods will lead to different survey results. The research process will usually produce systematic errors of random errors. The former can only be reduced by increasing the sample size, while the latter is Scientific research methods must be used to minimize errors.
  Research on Outdoor Advertising lcd display Machine Market In the research plan of vertical outdoor advertising machine research and design, researchers combine the characteristics of the media, mainly in the following aspects: sampling methods, research and classification, etc.

   Thinking about sampling methods

There can be several sampling methods for the investigation of advertising machines, such as the sampling method of plot partitioning, and the samples collected in this way, such as residential areas, are more concentrated, block, shape and form. This method can improve the efficiency of sampling, but in each block, buildings of the same type will be a large number of aggregates, and it is easy to increase the system error.

   Therefore, the advertising digital signage market research adopts another method, taking the street line as a concept and the city center as a midpoint. The streets are randomly selected in the four directions of southeast and northwest respectively, and each of the streets that are drawn is divided into 3km segments. Then, the street segments are randomly selected again for carpet sweeping and all outdoor lcd display types are recorded. The advantage of this sampling method is that it guarantees randomness and provides strong support for subsequent data analysis.
According to the study of advertising player manufacturers, market share data for a specific period of time can be more accurately learned in a week-long cycle, reflecting a dynamic market. As a new media, building advertising machines are extremely fierce in market competition. In a month, There may be many changes in the market performance of the various business operators. The longer the survey period, the less sensitive the market's fluctuation performance. Therefore, the research of the Yung-Da Caijing advertising machine manufacturers market takes 1 week as the investigation cycle, which enables us to track the market fluctuations and changes in a timely manner.
 Thinking about media coverage
 In the investigation, the classification of building advertising machines needs careful consideration. It can not be simply divided into several categories based on experience, which easily leads to the determination of market share with simple number accumulation. advertising market research believes that the market share of building advertising machines is directly affected by the type of parent-carriage it carries—“buildings”. Therefore, the classification must be determined scientifically.
    In fact, before the implementation of the research, advertising machine manufacturers market research first conducted a basic study on the display screen of the advertising machine: conducting a survey of the street segments, summarizing the results of the census, and establishing a sample frame of the mother's body, and drawing from it. The proportion of each type of building. Then based on this ratio, the subsequent determination of the number of searches for all types of buildings and stratified sampling were conducted. This is the first and most critical step in obtaining reliable data.
Any survey data is only a description of the market conditions in a specific cycle. When we analyze the research results and read research reports, we must understand not only the superficial figures, but also the research methods and research background to understand the origin of the numbers and the market of the advertising machines of buildings and the development of advertising machine manufacturers in the future. direction