BEMSW5 wireless transmitter/receiver

  • Brand:BENSHI
  • Color:Black/White/Silver
  • Original:CHINA
Wireless tranmission modem
RS232 IN*1
DC 5V*1
433.01Mhz - 435.11Mhz
Interface: RS232

Frequency :433.01Mhz - 435.11Mhz
Distance: 40meters

Serial number Item Parameter Note
1 BEMSW5    
2 Work frequency 433.01Mhz - 435.11  default Chanel 433.08Mhz
3 Transmission power 5mW  
4 Transmitting current <360mA  
5 Receiving current <45mA  
6. Sleeping current 0.1mA  
7 Receiving sensitivity -121dbm(1200bps)  
8 Channel amount 16 channels User setting
9 Working temperature -25~+75  
10 Working humidity 10%~90%(relative humidity without condensation)  
11 Antenna impedance: 50  
12 Power supply DC 5V  
13 Dimension 58mm 38mm 10mm  
14 Interface  RS232 user can choose
15 Reliable transmit distance 40meters  

Bi-Direction communication
Parameters configurable
Parameters saved even powered off
Max output power:5mW
Function: To create wireless local area network and p
rovide wireless connection for accessories with dispenser

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